David Justice

Postdoctoral Fellow at Baylor University

UNIV 301: Science and Christianity

Greenville University (Greenville, IL), 2016-Present

COR 302, Science and Christianity is an interdisciplinary course that will introduce students to encounters between science and Christianity.  That means the course is designed (at least in part) to get students to engage some of the “BIG” (revolutionary, paradigm shifting) ideas in science and examine their impact on and relationship to the Christian faith.  Students will study scientific theories and ideas like evolution, the big bang theory, quantum mechanics, and others.  These studies will naturally lead to examinations of many highly publicized and relevant encounters between faith and science.  For example, among other topics, the course will address bioethical issues, global warming and the mother of all faith and science encounters the creation & evolution debate. A good phrase to keep in mind throughout the course is, “In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, in all things charity (compassion).” My hope is that throughout this course you will enrich your understanding of science, philosophy and your faith, and better understand the arguments on both sides of the important aforementioned theological issues. 

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