David Justice

Postdoctoral Fellow at Baylor University

THEO 1000: Theological Foundations

Saint Louis University (St. Louis, MO), 2019

In response to the mission of this Catholic, Jesuit University, the Theological Foundations course (THEO-100) seeks to educate students from all the undergraduate programs in a critical discourse with human experience, biblical origins, historical foundations, and historical developments of the Christian tradition. The course provides opportunity for human enrichment through creative questioning, awareness of Christian cultures, access to other cultural and religious contexts through comparative study, and a balanced appreciation of Christianity as a vital element in our global heritage. 

Students will be introduced to the Hebrew and Christian scriptures with an emphasis on important texts and theological issues. Students will explore how historical and literary criticism help in understanding fundamental theological concepts such as God, revelation, faith, creation, covenant, and salvation history. In post-biblical developments students will study the early experience of Christians, especially as they learned to articulate their faith in Christ and thereby developed their understanding of the triune God. 

The manner in which these and other theological developments are taught varies according to the method and strengths of the instructor. Students will be challenged to acquire the targeted skills of reading, writing, and speaking theologically. They will also be encouraged to consider how critical, careful, and creative theological questioning can deepen their understanding of the human condition.


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